About the Artist - Brian Orner


Thanks so much for taking the time to visit. I hope you'll enjoy your time here. I live and work north of the Finger Lakes region of New York, just east of the once-thriving metropolis of Rochester, and a little down under the southern shore of Lake Ontario. It is a beautiful region of the world, characterized by rolling hills, soft soils, abundant farmland, and vineyards.

Professionally, my time is divided more or less equally between writing, photography, graphic design, and marketing communications. My clients require each of these disciplines to work together in service to comprehensive, integrated communications strategies that are designed to engage customers, enlighten investors, and maximize brand impact.

You'll find many fine art photographs for sale here. I approach photography with the visual sensibility of a designer and the writer's wish to actually try to...um, er, you know...say something. I have found that this does not often happen by accident, but it is my sincere hope that it does, in fact, happen.

If you have questions or comments about any of the work here, I would be pleased to hear from you. I work diligently to ensure that my clients are delighted, and I'm quite sure you will be, too.


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